StarSignal® Product Catalog

StarSignal Vehicle Products for Police, Fire, and Emergency

StarSignal continues to be the largest manufacturer of Emergency Vehicle Warning Systems to police and warning light industries in the United States. The new LED products you will see in this catalog have only added to the innovative lighting design you are accustomed to seeing from Star Headlight and Lantern Co.

This recently updated product catalog includes:

  • LED Lightbars
  • LED Lightbar Specifications
  • Vehicle Specific Lightbar Mount Kits
  • LED Mini-Bars
  • Strobe Mini-Bars
  • Halogen Mini-Bars
  • Star Mini-Bar® Specifications
  • LED Traffic Directors
  • LED Traffic Director Specifications
  • Star Phantom® LED Lightbars
  • Star Phantom® Specifications
  • Vehicle Specific Phantom Brackets
  • LED Lights
  • Star Constellation®
  • S-Link System™
  • LED Light Specifications
  • Remote Kits and Heads (LED and Strobe)
  • Remote Kits and Heads Specifications
  • Sirens
  • Siren Specifications
  • Speakers
  • Speakers and BBK-FDCH Specifications
  • Star Alarm® Back-Up Alarms
  • Switch Panels and Switch Boxes
  • Starflashâ„¢ Flasher Modules and Heads
  • Halogen Dash Lights
  • Halogen Dash Light Specifications
  • Accessories
  • Strobe Tube and Bulb Guide