Sinclair Technologies

Sinclair Technologies, Inc. provides antenna and filter products, systems and coverage solutions for public safety and private wireless networks. Sinclair is an industry leader and innovator. They consistently exceed customers’ expectations in the quality of the products, systems and services they provide. They recognize and encourage the commitment of each member of the organization to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved.

Sinclair’s products enjoy a reputation for high reliability and performance, especially in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions.

Sinclair products are used extensively in:

  • Public safety and national security communication networks
  • Corporate and commercial communication networks
  • Natural resource management communications systems
  • Road, rail, air, marine and heavy transport communication systems
  • Specialized network applications in a typical year

Sinclair Product Groups include:

Low PIM Dipole Antennas

Image of the SD210 Low PIM Dipole Antenna Base Station VHF and UHF low pim antennas ideally suited to multicoupled systems. Available in single, two, four or eight-bay configurations with gain values ranging from 2–11.5 dBd.

Mobile Duplexers

Image of the MR456 Mobile Duplexer Compact, lightweight and housed in a durable aluminum extrusion, these units are available in frequency ranges from 138 – 960 MHz.

Yagi Antennas

Image of the SY206 Yagi Antenna Sinclair offers a wide range of reliable and durable base station directional yagi antennas that operate in various frequency ranges from low band VHF up to 1GHz. Anodized and alodine coated models are available.

Base Station Duplexers

Image of the Res-Lok Duplexer Sinclair’s Q-Circuit reject and band pass designs, coupled with our Res-Lok modular construction, result in a series of extremely versatile duplexers offering exceptional performance in frequency ranges from 66 – 960 MHz.

High Performance Omnidirectional Antennas

These antennas provide maximum coverage for TETRA, APCO P25, trunked radio, SMR and Paging systems and have gain values ranging from 2.5 –10.5 dBd.

Fiberglass Low PIM Collinear Antennas

These easy-to-install antennas are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions and operate in the VHF, TETRA, UHF and 700 – 1000 MHz frequency range.

Enclosed Dipole Array Antennas

This versatile series of antennas is well suited to cellular and public safety applications where specific coverage patterns and highly dependable service are required. The adjustable reflector models allow for various horizontal beamwidths.

Cellular Antennas

This versatile series of antennas is well suited to applications where omni coverage pattern and high gain are required in the 806 – 960 MHz frequency range.

TETRA /APCO P-25 Panel Antennas

Designed for high performance in a lightweight, durable package, these dual polarized antennas are ideal for TETRA base station applications in the 380 – 470 MHz range.

Excaliber™ Mobile Antennas

Low profile, cast aluminum or radome-enclosed VHF, UHF and 800MHz-900MHz band antennas designed for emergency vehicles, buses, trucks, trains and materials handling equipment. The VHF and UHF Excaliber have become a North American standard for railroad locomotive service in the 38-512MHz frequency range.

Log Periodic/Data Antennas

Designed for use in data systems, these rugged but lightweight antennas operate in the 800 – 1000 MHz frequency range.

Expandable Multicouplers

Sinclair’s two key architectures, Pass-Reject and Pass-Thru , provide the industry’s broadest range of expandable multicoupling solutions for 132 – 512 MHz.

Combining and Multicoupling

We develop, assemble and test custom systems using our extensive portfolio of VHF, UHF and 700 – 1000 MHz filter components including state of the art combiners, cross-coupled filters, low noise receiver multicouplers and high selectivity combline filters.

Tower Top Amplifiers

Designed to enhance receive system sensitivity by compensating for losses encountered in long feed cable runs. These units are available in the 406 –512 and 806 – 960 MHz frequency ranges.

Trunking Transmitter Combiners

Highly versatile units available in expandable 5 and 10 channel models, as well as a fully expanded 20-channel version, for the 406 – 512 and 851 – 869 MHz frequency ranges.

Receiver Multicouplers

Designed to conserve valuable tower space and lower system maintenance costs by allowing for 2 to 32 channels to be connected to a single antenna line. Units are available with various power supplies and preselectors that operate in frequency ranges from 138 – 960 MHz.

Cavity-Ferrite Transmitter Combiners

Sinclair TJ and TN series of cavity-ferrite Combiners are available in 2 to 5 channel Configuration for use in systems from 132 – 960 MHz.

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